Put People First

Our business is hospitality; a unique relationship between guest and host. We provide for our associates as we would have them provide for our guests: with Warmth, Kindness, Equity, and Professionalism. Inside the hotel, seek to treat others as you would have them treat you, and treat yourself in a manner that promotes future success. Outside the hotel, demonstrate a care for the local community that exemplifies the best nature of our business.

Embrace Accountability

It is our belief that the best hotels are run when everyone takes responsibility for the outcome. We actively embrace the concept of accountability; approaching people and issues directly, openly and honestly; and actively participating in the solution. No one is above helping another associate in a time of need, and feedback should be embraced as positive material for career growth.

Achieve MORE

We expect our associates and hotels to constantly push for “more” in all that they do. From guest experiences to financial success, we should always want for more. Embrace success, but also know that goals are not plateaus, but rather a base for more growth.

Stay Passionate

Every day, our attitudes directly affect our customers and fellow associates. Having a passion for what you do on a daily basis is a cornerstone to personal, professional and financial success. In your work, show thoughtfulness and creativity. In your interactions, promote care and positivity. In your brand, have stewardship for its principles and pride in its appearance.